RecruitBuddy is a candidate driven service, built specifically to help you stand out from the crowd!

Whether it’s a career change? Interview Prep? Or Perhaps you are just looking for your CV to get noticed more? The Recruitbuddy platform was designed to enable you to confidently make that next jump in your career.


Based in Dublin, Ireland, RecruitBuddy was formed in 2020 by a group of friends, all of whom have a wealth of experience and expertise in the recruitment industry. Hence our name :)

After years of experiencing first hand the struggles of connecting great talent to their next opportunity. We recognised that fantastic candidates were being let down by their CV, missing out on landing their dream job.

Think about all the CV’s sent to employers every day around the world, which often leads to both jobseekers and employers being disappointed.

We built RecruitBuddy to help solve this problem by empowering candidates with the tools and expertise to better showcase themselves in a way no standard CV ever could, as we know you’re much more than a piece of paper!


As technology and economic impacts continue to disrupt traditional industries, now more than ever, candidates are having to innovate and think about how can they stand out from the crowd and increase their hiring potential.
"Our goal is to help connect the world’s talent to their next opportunities"

OUR Team

We are a small team whose sole goal is to help connect the world’s talent to their next opportunities.


Got some questions? Maybe it’s been asked before and if it hasn’t don’t worry. Send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

We have a range of flexible payment options click here to see some of our great offers.

An ATS is an applicant tracking system. This is a piece of software that will scan your CV for key words to see if you fit the critria of the job you have applied for. We have also a blog post that explains this in more detail if you’d like to read it here

You may cancel your subscription in your account settings. Simply click on your profile icon in the top right corner and select account settings. Here at RecruitBuddy we are always looking to improve our services so we would love if you could give us some feedback here

After downloading the PDF open via the PDF reader of your choice and press Ctrl+P on windows or Cmd+P on a Mac.

You can delete your account in your Account Settings. Simply click on your profile icon in the top right corner and select account settings. Please note the your data will be deleted and can’t be restored. We hope this means you got your dream job through RecruitBuddy :)

This is most often a password issue, you can reset your password here

  • Can you see the preview of your CV/Resume? Have you too much content in a single secton? This can prevent us from loading the rest of your cv/resume.
  • When was the last time you updated your browser? If the answer is “years ago” or “never”, try to update to the latest version or use a different browser.
  • Do you have any of our premium customisation options included in your CV? This should only a problem if you don’t have a premium subscription. You either need to upgrade to premium or remove them from your resume.
  • If none of the above helps, please contact our customer service team by clicking the chat bubble in the bottom-left corner. They’re super friendly and always happy to help.

Unfortunately not, once you delete your CV this is gone for good as we can’t store sensitive information if we have been asked to delete it. We are also bound by GDPR regulations so we hope this hasn’t caused too much hassle for you.

Unfortunately, once an account has been deleted, it is no longer available. Your RecruitBuddy account contains sensitive information. At RecruitBuddy we take your privacy seriously and comply with EU GDPR, which prevent us from doing so.

RecruitBuddy Mentor is designed to help you get the most out of your career. You can learn more about it here

Of course what are buddies for? RecruitBuddy has free templates for you to choose from. All paid options and CV/Resume templates are clearly marked and if you have any questions about these one of our friendly team would be more than happy to assist.

If you want to unlock the full potential and power of RecruitBuddy and really make your CV pop in front of employers we would reccomend upgrading to RecruitBuddy premium, you can see those plans here